School Officials

Marcella Kester President and Authorized Administrative Official
Regan Kester, CF School Director and Classroom Instructor
Kash McAnally Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar, Office Manager
David Goodman, CJF Forge Instructor
Rachel Martin School Secretary, Public Relations, Student Records

Meet the Instructors


 Regan Kester

Regan Kester was born into horseshoeing. From his early day experiences, Regan has become highly skilled with many types of horses through the dedicated training of patience and understanding the horse from his grandfather Emil and the high skill of shoeing from his father Reggie. Beginning at the age of two, Regan was able to ride alone. Then, at the age of six, he began to compete in local rodeo events including Calf Riding. Around the age of 10 Regan began riding steers competitively and then bulls and bareback at the age of 14 at which time he attended formal English riding lessons. Becoming a “hard” competitor, he placed with his first State Championship at age 16 and continued for 3 State Championships in Bareback Riding. After attending college on Rodeo Scholarships, Regan began once again concentrating on Team Roping until his early 30’s. He did all of his own shoeing during his rodeo days and worked as a wrangler/shoer for an outfitter in Montana which are just a couple of the many experiences that opened his career as the highly knowledgeable horseshoer he is today. Regan first attended OSHS under the instruction of his father Reggie, at age 14 and then apprenticed under him until he was 17 in which he then attended the school a second time starting him as a full-time horseshoer. At age 18, Regan helped at the school with the teaching and shoeing. In 1984, he came to OSHS as a full-time instructor. Regan has been certified by the American Farriers Association to which he is a current member. In the Oklahoma Farriers Association, he has held positions such as Treasurer and served on the Board of Directors. He is still a current member of the American Farriers Education Council. Regan has shod horses from all around and worked in several different states. He has shod a variety of horses including: racehorses, barrel, Jim Kana, hunter jumpers, rope horses, (some) halter, team roping, reigning, cutting, Western Pleasure (which he especially enjoys), Arabian, and a wide variety of draft horses. Regan served as the official farrier for the Oklahoma Arabian Horse Association for five to six years. Over his many years of experience, he has developed a highly skilled knowledge for corrective shoes as well. Regan looks forward to meeting and working with each of you.






 David Goodman



David Goodman grew up on a ranch, which has been very helpful in developing his experience with horses. He started working with Thoroughbreds in 1973. David attended OSHS in 1983 and was certified basic. He was certified Journeyman in 1985 by the American Farriers Association. David is a left-handed horseshoer. He has competed many times at the state level. David served as an OFA officer and on the Board of Directors for many years. With numerous years experience in the education field, David has taken over the responsibility of being the instructor in charge of class work. David is eager to meet and begin working with each individual.

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