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Course Information

Training Hours

OSHS is licensed and approved by the OBPVS to offer the training hours in Clock or Contact Hours, where 1 (one) resident training hour equals 60 (sixty) minutes.

Six-Week Horseshoeing Course

300 Clock Hours

See Enrollment Agreement

OSHS Class Program

OSHS classes are held Monday- Friday from 7:30a.m. to 5:00p.m., and Saturdays from 9:00am-1:00pm.

Classroom time is 8:00am to 9:00am. You will study horse anatomy, bones and tendons from the knee down. Also, students will acquire the knowledge of different breeds of horses along with legs, hooves, white line, gender, abscess, damaged hooves, just like you would see in an everyday farrier practice.

OSHS is just like a full-time horseshoeing business, only on a very large scale. We shoe all kinds of horses for our student to practice on. To have a successful horseshoeing school we need hundreds of horses for students to work on in each six-week class.

You can see it is very important for our students to do a quality shoeing job, so we strive for professional quality work on every horse that comes in our school. We know that every horse is very important to the owner whether it is $100 horse or $10,000 horse so we treat each horse and customer equally. Horse handling safety is part of our everyday class and routine here at OSHS.

Blacksmithing and forging are big parts of OSHS. Students will be able to modify keg shoes or forge their own handmade shoes.

Field trips are a great opportunity for students to see just how a professional horseshoeing practice operates. At OSHS we go on five to six different field trips in a six week class session. We travel no more than 30-40 miles to surrounding ranches with some of them being only just a few miles away. We have some that are filled with trims for the day, some that are shoeing all day, and several that have a nice mixture. We believe this gives the student a chance to see what it will be like once they are shoeing on their own and traveling.

Class hours consist of instructional and practical experience.

HoursResident hands on supervised curriculum
30 Classroom lectures on anatomy and corrective shoeing.
160 Practical horseshoeing hot and cold in shoeing classroom.
62 Forge work; Making specialty tools, making plain and corrective shoes from bar stock.
48 Horseshoeing in the field using portable showing rig.
300 Total Clock Hours
Lunch 30 minute break around noon as determined by the instructor.




2017 Class Sessions              2018 Class Sessions              2019 Class Sessions


January 9 - February 17          January 8-February 16            January 7-February 15


March 6 – April 14                   March 5- April 13                     March 4- April 12


May 1 – June 9                       May 7- June 15                        May 6- June 14                      


 July 3 – August 11                   July 2- August 10                    July 1- August 9


September 4 – October 13      September 3- October 12       September 2- October 11


 November 6 – December 15   November 5- December 14     November 4- December 13





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