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Dormitory Facilities

We offer full dormitory facilities for our students that are comfortable. This is provided to you at no extra cost while attending the school. Join us today and experience the perfect combination of work and relaxation.

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School Policies

OSHS Graduation 2014

Graduation Requirements

A student must have a combined average of 75% and completed no less than 270 clock hours (of the 300 clock hour program) to pass the course and receive a diploma from OSHS.  A progressive grading system, using weekly scores and a three-part final examination, which includes written, forge, and shoeing tests, determines the final grades. Diplomas are presented on the 29th day of class unless a student has three unexcused absences. A student with no more than three unexcused absences must attend a make-up day on the 30th day.  A student must be here the last day of a class to receive a diploma.

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School Officials

Marcella Kester President and Authorized Administrative Official
Regan Kester, CF School Director and Classroom Instructor
Kash McAnally Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar, Office Manager
David Goodman, CJF Forge Instructor
Rachel Martin School Secretary, Public Relations, Student Records

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Course Information

Training Hours

OSHS is licensed and approved by the OBPVS to offer the training hours in Clock or Contact Hours, where 1 (one) resident training hour equals 60 (sixty) minutes.

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Financing Options

OSHS is approved by various federal funded institutions:

Rehabilitation or Vocational Rehabilitation

Contact Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School at 1-800-634-2811 or contact your state Vocational Rehabilitation Office in your area for information concerning qualification for assistance. In your area phone book contact the rehabilitative services, listed under state government listings.

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