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To enroll in OSHS each student must complete an Enrollment Agreement and submit a $250.00 deposit. Veteran students must complete an Enrollment Agreement and submit a $100.00 deposit. The deposit is to guarantee your spot for enrollment and we will credit your deposit on your tuition. Students that will be receiving tribe benefits or other programs please contact the office to complete enrollment at 1-800-634-2811.

Loan Application

Card Information

I will assume full responsibility for injury to myself and will not hold the Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School or anyone connected responsible for accident. I have read and understand all aspects of this agreement, which is an extension of the brochure, and the policies contained therein that apply. I have also read and fully understand the current school brochure. Also, I understand that this agreement becomes a legal and binding contract once it is completed by both parties. I understand that this application’s personal to me and that if I desire to assign the same, I must get the written consent of the Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School. Your card will not be charged until you have been accepted. By completing this for you agree to accept the charges. If you are asking for assistance please allow time for us to process your request on contact you for further information that might be needed.



An official O.S.H.S. diploma will be issued upon completion of the course.  Classes are held from 7:30a.m.  to 5:00p.m., five days a week and Saturdays from 9:00am-1:00pm.


The Total Cost for the Basic Horseshoeing Course is $5,650.00.  This includes tuition, books, toolbox, and a complete set of hand tools, anvil, and apron.  All tools are your purchases to keep and use throughout the course. We also have an on-site dormitory with separate quarters for men and women.  All other supplies, equipment, and tools will be furnished by O.S.H.S.  There are no refund on your tools, supplies, and book purchases.  There is also, no refund on the dormitory, since the dorm is free.


Total Cost of includes the cost of instructors, use of all of O.S.H.S. equipment, and live horses furnished by O.S.H.S. for the students to shoe.

            Tuition: $4,400.00

            Hand Tools, Book,  and Anvil: $1,300.00

            Shoes, Steel, & Nails: $800.00

            Total Cost: $6,500.00

To enroll in O.S.H.S. each student must send a $250.00 deposit with a completed application.  The remaining $5,400.00 will be paid before the first day of class.  Visa, MasterCard, Personal Checks, and Cashier Checks are accepted. Payment arrangements may be set up with the school at their discretion but the final payment is still due before the first day of class.


These are the tools you will receive for $970.00: 

2 rasp 2 rasp handles 1 nail clincher 1 shoe puller
1 nail puller 1 hoof nipper 1 knife 1 clinch cutter
1 driving hammer 1 rounding hammer 1 book 1 hoof gauge
1 tape measure 1 70 lb anvil 1 tool box 1 cordura apron
1 center punch 1 nail cutter    
(You can upgrade one or all of these tools at any time they are issued)
  • O.S.H.S. has all necessary equipment to set you up in the horseshoeing business, including forges, shoes, nails, etc.
  • Students are asked to check into school on Sunday afternoon between 12:00 p.m. and 5 p.m. All classes begin on Monday.
  • Classes are limited to 22 students at O.S.H.S. with two full-time instructors and one part-time instructor (for larger classes) enabling each student to receive one-on-one instruction as needed.

 At O.S.H.S. we prepare our students to be self-employed Farriers.  We will give you instruction on how to start your business, acquire clientele, bookkeeping, and advertising.  We do not provide job placement.  Our contacts are limited, but we will assist you to the best of our ability.


Our school is approved for Veteran’s Training.  To enroll, contact your local Veteran’s Administration Office. On the first day of class bring the documents with you and we will complete the forms in our office.

You must pay the deposit with your enrollment and the balance upon your arrival. Your portion of the tuition will be reimbursed to you by the V.A. according to their specifications.


See your State or Local rehabilitation agent in your area and they will give you the full details. Approved for WIA training.

Official School Holidays:

New Years, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day


Any holder of this consumer credit contract is subject to all claims and defenses which the debtor could assert against the seller of the goods or services obtained pursuant hereto or with the proceeds hereof.  Recovery hereunder by the debtor shall not exceed amounts paid by the debtor. 

Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School is licensed by the Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools.  Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School is approved by the Oklahoma Small Business Administration and it is Bonded and insured.  It is also approved for V.A. training. 

Attendance and Probation Policies

It is not our policy to terminate enrollment of any student, however, for the good of each student and class, the following rules must be observed:

Any student absent more than 3 (three) days, with 3 (three) tardies equaling one day, will be terminated. When excess absences are excused, but exceed the 10% absence policy, the student may re-enroll in any future class session in order to finish the said course. Make-up work will be allowed for all excused absences. Students enrolled will be placed on probation if not maintaining a passing grade after three weeks, and terminated if work is not brought up to a 75 average. Any excessive abuse of O.S.H.S. rules, including insubordination, use of alcohol or drugs, or serious misconduct will be cause for termination of enrollment.

All O.S.H.S. students desiring re-admission after termination must meet the terms and policies set forth in the current school enrollment agreement, catalog, and attachments. Previously paid tuitions will be credited to the student’s current account. All students requesting re-entry must have paid any tuition outstanding to the school. In considering maximum time for course completion after re-entry, the student must complete the units of instruction to be taken in not more than 1.5 times the normal time frame for completion of the same instruction.


The termination date for calculation of all refunds is the last day of actual attendance by the student.  OSHS requires notice of cancellation to withdraw in writing.  Failure to notify the school in writing will result in a $25 penalty (refund is reduced by $25).  If the student is below the legal age of 18, a parent or guardian must notify OSHS in writing.


  • Rejection:  An applicant rejected by OSHS will receive a refund of all monies paid.
  • Three-day Cancellation:  All monies paid by an applicant will be refunded if requested within 3 days after signing an enrollment agreement and making an initial payment.
  • Subsequently:  An applicant requesting cancellation after expiration of the Three-Day Cancellation period, but prior to entering OSHS (which includes any student considered a “no-show”) will receive a refund of all monies paid minus a registration fee of 4% of the contract price of the program, not to exceed $150. (However, any person considered to be a “no-show” will have to contact OSHS and request the refund.)
  • Students who have not visited OSHS facilities prior to enrollment will have the opportunity to withdraw without penalty within 3 days following either the regularly scheduled orientation procedures or following a tour of OSHS facilities and inspection of equipment.
  • First Week:  For a student terminating training after entering classes at OSHS, after expiration of the Three-Day Cancellation period, and after starting the program, but within the first week, the student will be refunded 95% of the course, minus $150, not to exceed $350 total.
  • After First Week:  For a student terminating training after one week but within the first 25% of the program, the student will be refunded 75% of the tuition, minus $150.
  • After 25%:  For a student terminating training after completing over 25% but within 50% of the program, the student will be refunded 50% of the tuition, minus $150.
  • After 50%:  Students, who complete more than 50% of the program, will not receive a refund.
  • Special Cases:  In cases of prolonged illness or accident, death in the family, or other circumstances that make it impractical to complete the program, OSHS will make a settlement, which is reasonable and fair to the student and the school.
  • Other Cancellation:  There will be No Refund on all material items of extra expense, such as books, tools, and major supplies that are not included in the cost of tuition.  These items become the property of the student upon purchase and acceptance.  They are not subject to REFUND.
  • School Cancellation: If for any reason the course is cancelled by the institution, any student enrolled will be refunded 100% of all monies paid.

FREE Dormitory Privileges and Requirements:

Our dormitory facilities are available and free to all students who are enrolled and have paid for the six-week course. Our facilities are located on campus. We have separate facilities available for both male or female. If a student is terminated for any reason or chooses to withdraw, the student is then no longer eligible to stay in the dormitory facilities.

Student Agreement

I have confirmed that the above information that I am submitting is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that OSHS has the right to reject my application if any of the information being submitted is found to be intentionally falsified / fraudulent.